Smart logistics powered by Roambee

The smart logistics solution enables maximum transparency

Smart logistics solution
for transport monitoring in real time

Any company that ships and receives goods faces major challenges on a daily basis: 30 percent of all deliveries worldwide do not reach their destination on time, €21 billion in losses are inflicted each year due to freight theft, and the value of spoiled products caused by interruptions in the refrigeration chain is €850 billion.

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To reduce these costs and become even more reliable for their own customers, companies require a solution that gives them information about their goods and products at all times: where is the freight right now? What condition is it in? Can the schedule still be adhered to? These and other questions are answered by the smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee – worldwide, and regardless of the shipping route. Whether by truck, ship or aircraft: companies can now monitor their goods in real time. They receive comprehensive information on the condition of the goods thanks to sensors for location tracking, temperature, humidity, light, manipulation, GPS disruption, shock, pressure and movement. Customers benefit from the end-to-end service and maximum data security based on the hosting in a high-security data center in Germany.

„Roambee’s fast-to-deploy-and-to-scale solution adds a strong value to our IoT partner ecosystem globally. Combined with T-Systems’ infrastructure and system integration expertise, we will now jointly enable and transform industries worldwide with IoT applications.“

Anette Bronder, Head of Digital Business and Security

„From the whiteboard to the dashboard in four weeks“

T-Systems has partnered with Roambee Corporation to provide an innovative shipment monitoring service and leverage the Internet of Things in the field of logistics.
An interview with Roambee CEO Sanjay Sharma on the partnership.

Sample application

The smart logistics solution makes it possible to locate vehicles anywhere in the world in real time. As a result, car manufacturers always know where their inventory is thanks to live, 24/7 monitoring.

Smart transport monitoring with the innovative smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee

Temperature and delivery times are matters of pivotal importance to pharmaceutical companies. The total sensory support provided by the smart logistic solution continuously delivers real-time information on these critical factors.

Smart transport monitoring with the innovative smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee

Durable, theft-proof tracking devices facilitate use of three to five years in transport containers. As a result, the condition of each container, including location, temperature, pressure and other data, can be monitored in real time.

Smart transport monitoring with the innovative smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee

Smart transport monitoring enables postal services to manage their assets, including trailers, pallet cages and transit containers, throughout all forms of transport. In this process, they can derive information on utilization and usage.

Smart transport monitoring with the innovative smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee

How can my company benefit from smart logistics powered by Roambee?


Your benefits

  • Improved device performance management: tailored to the business needs with battery service life of up to 5 years, if required
  • Simple, flexible APIs: device- and customer-independent, simple connection to existing enterprise systems
  • Exact locating: worldwide real-time monitoring of the position and condition of the goods
  • Mobile apps: cloud-based service, accessible from any terminal device
  • Analysis platform: all measurement results and current information at a glance

Practical application

Implementation of your solution

  • Six-hour innovation workshop to devise innovative IoT scenarios and discuss specific approaches
  • One-week status analysis with assessment of the IoT maturity, identification of potential aspects and development of the challenges
  • Six-week proof-of-concept for testing customer-specific scenarios with concrete assessment of the results
  • Development of a customized strategy, with a comprehensive conceptualization of the IoT roadmap and implementation planning


Smart transport monitoring with the innovative smart logistics solution from T-Systems and Roambee
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Smart Logistics by Roambee

Technical specifications

Always superbly informed about the logistics – thanks to Roambee and T-Systems

Thanks to its open API interfaces, the smart logistics solution from T-Systems, powered by Roambee, can be quickly and easily integrated in existing infrastructures. Consequently, no incurred costs for on-top services and customers only pay for those services that they actually make use of. The cloud-based solution is flexibly scalable for future growth and thus supports enterprises in their development process in a cost-efficient and future-oriented manner.

Ideally positioned with three components

Altogether, the central unit of the solution – the so-called "Bee" – consists of three components which are optimally interlinked: the hardware platform is equipped with a wide range of sensors, a long-lasting battery has an operable service life of 90 days to six years, and a GSM/GPS module (Global System for Mobile Communications/Global Positioning System) transmits data into the cloud. A control unit is interconnected to consolidate the information from the sensors and then wirelessly transmit it by means of a permanently installed M2M SIM card. All information goes into the high-security Open Telekom Cloud, hosted in ISO-certified German data centers.

Device with an open platform for maximum flexibility

The theft-proof "Bee" includes sensors for a wide range of different conditional states: for monitoring temperature, humidity, light, pressure, shock and movement, and also manipulation and GPS disruption; the sensors compile all important information. The open platform makes it possible to integrate further sensor data, such as the carbon dioxide content, if these are to be monitored in a specific case. All information is measured by the "Bee" in real time, thus also enabling forecasts of possible risks in transit, for example.

Mobile access to data or directly from your own ERP system

Thanks to the open API interfaces, the smart asset monitoring can also be integrated into existing infrastructures and proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) system connected, for example. This way the real-time information on freight – including the exact location – can be viewed directly in familiar installed programs. The Roambee user portal additionally provides all important information so you can also access it with a mobile app on a tablet or smartphone. This way, you can keep an eye on your shipments and deliveries 24 hours a day.